Enhance Lab

Hybrid software solutions for boosting image quality

Where modern machine learning meets physical models of image formation and optimization methods for inverse problems


What We Do

Joint demosaicing, denoising, super-resolution and HDR imaging from raw  photo bursts

Target Markets

Non-exclusive licenses (possibly exclusive by sector)

  • Personal photography: camera and smartphone manufacturers
  • Scientific photography
  • Remote sensing
  • Medical applications: endoscopy, microscopy
  • Forensic aids



Personal apps
Photoshop plugin


Today: POCs in personal and scientific photography with two large groups



– Computer vision, image processing, machine learning, optimization
– Over 75K citations
– Three “test-of-time” awards at the top computer vision (CVPR) and machine learning (ICML) international conferences
– Two Ellis Fellows, one IEEE Fellow, one member of the Academia Europaea
– Three ERC grants (most selective multi-million euro research grants in Europe)
– Mairal has received the international PAMI young researcher award
– Ponce has written the textbook “Computer Vision: A Modern Approach, translated in Chinese, Japanese and Russian, with over 15,000 copies sold worldwide
– Mairal and Ponce have been involved in the organization teams of the leading international conferences in computer vision and machine learning (e.g., program and general chair for CVPR, ECCV, ICCV; tworkshop chair NeurIPS).

About Us

Pr. Jean Ponce, CEO


Pr. Jean Ponce, CEO

Professor, ENS and NYU

Scientific Director, PRAIRIE

Member, WILLOW@Inria

Dr. Bruno Lecouat, CTO


Dr. Bruno Lecouat, CTO

PhD ENS (ongoing)

Télécom ParisTech
National Univ. of Singapore

Dr. Julien Mairal, Scientist


Dr. Julien Mairal, Scientist

Research Scientist, Inria

PhD ENS, X-Mines

Head, THOTH@Inria

Advisory Board

Dr. Frédéric Guichard


Prof. Yann Le Cun

Prof. New York University
VP & Chief AI Scientist, Meta
ACM Turing award laureate